Meet Our Team


What does Erigere Rapidus mean?

The word "Erigere" is from Latin and means to raise, erect, build, rouse or stimulate. The word "Rapidus" is from Latin and means rapid or swift. Combined it is known to mean "rapidly erect, to rapidly build". In the Special Operations community it became to be known as "rapid entry/rapid deployment. It symbolizes the commitment to training and preparedness that are the cornerstone of the Special Operations communities success. Adopted by DHS's BORTAC as their motto in 1986 and stands today.

For more than 20 years, our staff protected high ranking cabinet members, supervised and conducted major organized crime, labor racketeering cases, provided training on Active Shooter situations and has written the physical security plans for Federal Government agencies. Our team members are highly decorated and have tremendous reputations as the best operators in the security community. We know the ins and outs of security like no one else, and our knowledge can make the difference between a cost effective safe environment and a costly one.

​Erigere Rapidus Soultions uses a propietary process for planning, tracking and managing security contracts and projects. Our skillset is mastered from years of experience in federal, state and local law enforcement and the military.

Clients trust us because of our reputation. Our team members are highly decorated and recognized as the best operators in the professional security community. Our expertise makes the difference between a cost effective environment and a costly one.
​ Every client is treated with the highest level of importance. From top ranking government officials to special operations missions and real world active shooter response plans for local communities, we do it all.

​Our staff of honorable, former law enforcement officers have decades of security experience, from protecting high ranking officials to offering training on active shooter crises and more. We’ve even written the physical security plans for federal government agencies.

Theresa knows her way around the medical and military community and provides the nurse/employee prospective during planning. A nurse in both the civilian and military communities she felt a duty to design effective programs geared toward employees, teachers and students after the Columbine incident many years ago. 


Chief Operating Officer | Director, Safety and Security Programs
Robert is our highly decorated jack of all trades. Honor Graduate from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. Designed and implemented force on force training at a national level for major agencies , drafted policy and procedure,and was on the front lines of federal law enforcement as a US Border Patrol Tactical Team member.


Vice President/Operations & Executive Protection
John is one of  the most knowledgeable Executive Protection experts in the private sector. 20 + years of federal law enforcement with the OH State Police, the DEA and as a Protection Agent for members of cabinet. He is an expert in Security Driving and Executive Protection.

Vice-President of Latin American Operations
Domingo is our Latin-American expert. He is a former Mexican National Police officer and specializes in security and physical asset transportation.