" What do we do now.....Does anyone know what we should say?"

This is not business as usual.

Decisions made now can have profound impact on your business or organization for years to come. ERS will help you take control of the crisis. It will come as surprise and will likely be over very quickly, things will accelerate rapidly, media and the public will scrutinize everything. Decisions are often made too quickly and too emotionally, the impact of which can determine  the viability of your business or organization for years to come.  Emotions are high, you will experience everything from horror, and anger to overwhelming sadness. ERS will by there to assist you with those critical decisions, in your crisis communication, monitoring of the developments, staying abreast of change or potentially harmful information, and adapting the response to match the evolving developments. Your company or organization's reputation, brand, legacy,. and profitability are hanging in the balance.

Avoid the Second Crisis

The media will be playing sound bites and video clips for days to come. ERS is a subject matter expert on Active Shooter situations and our management team will help you and your senior managers with developing and implementing a Crisis Management Plan whether we do it in advance or you need immediate help we have the solution. Our team will help you make important decisions. our communications experts will help guide you through the media attention as well as monitoring social media. We know what is likely happening, the situation is rapidly unfolding, your policies and procedures are poorly done or non existent, the information that the public is hearing is factually wrong or incomplete, you and your managers are personally involved, employees/investors/families/law enforcement/media are demanding answers.

Preparedness is not a Luxury it is the Cost of Doing Business

ERS will conduct a risk analysis, develop plans and processes, implement those plans and then test them to ensure that you can keep business running while appropriately addressing the crisis. Continuity of operations, securing of assets and personnel and responding with the correct and focused response will be critical. Our 24/7 Crisis Management Team will be up and running the moment we receive the call or the story breaks, we will dispatch a team to be on scene to assist and our Command Center will coordinate from our HQ until they are in place. Our law enforcement experts will communicate with law enforcement, our media team will assist with media, our grief counselors will be ready to help in whatever way needed, and if necessary we can secure any and all facilities, homes, and offices with agents or uniformed security to protect your critical infrastructure and valuable assets.

Your business or organization must be able to adapt and remain operational during a crisis and we at ERS will help you do just that by first conducting a comprehensive risk analysis of every aspect of your organization, we will build a custom emergency response/business continuity plan with operational  workarounds to include secondary command centers, and will supply end to end services from the assessment, plan design, to rehearsed drills/tabletop exercises, to providing emergency crisis management and security services in the field at a moments notice.

Don't Face A Crisis Alone....This is Unusual and Difficult Business

At ERS we keep an Emergency Response Team on duty rotation at all times, this allows us to have a team readily available 24/7 365 days per week should you need emergency on site assistance. Our teams are comprised of former law enforcement, EMS, and military operators with experience in high stress environments. We have also formed partnerships with companies that we have vetted in order to give us quicker response times in the Continental United States, Mexico, Central America, South America, Europe, Northern Africa, and the Middle East. We also have vetted partnerships that allow for quick response times anywhere that we have business.

If our extensive intelligence network identifies a potential issue we will send an Emergency Response Team to be on site before the incident occurs, this is often the case in situations involving hurricanes, natural disasters and civil/political unrest. We understand that your leadership is not trained on how to respond to an Active Shooter situation, to deal with the loss of life, and to coordinate with local law enforcement all while protecting the interests of your employees, their families and your business. We have the resources to dispatch expert personnel to your site quickly so we can provide assistance in implementing the Crisis Management Plan, coordinating with local law enforcement, assisting in press inquiries, locating employees, and protecting/recovering vital assets if necessary.

In plain English, ERS will be at your side to handle your security related matters so that you can focus on keeping your business operations running.

​24/7 On Call Crisis Management & Emergency Response Teams