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"Erigere" is a Latin word that means to raise, erect, build, or stimulate. The Latin word "Rapidus" means rapid or swift. Combined it is known to mean "rapidly erect, to rapidly build." In the Special Operations community, it came to be known as "rapid entry/rapid deployment.” It symbolizes the commitment to training and preparedness, which is the cornerstone of the Special Operations community’s success. The phrase was adopted by Department of Homeland Security's Border Patrol Tactical Unit (BORTAC) as their motto in 1986, and stands today.


​Erigere Rapidus Solutions uses a proprietary process for planning, tracking and managing security contracts and projects. Our skillset was developed over years of experience in federal, state and local law enforcement and the military.

Clients trust us because of our reputation. Our team is highly decorated and recognized as the best operators in the professional security community. Our expertise makes the difference between a cost-effective environment and a costly one.​ Every client is treated with the highest level of importance.

Erigere Rapidus was founded with the idea of providing professional security and investigative products to the private sector by making our staffs’ high-level expertise in these fields available to anyone tackling the tough security realities of today. We have recruited the highest trained, decorated, law enforcement officers, some of the brightest engineers, and the hardest, most dedicated team members we could find. The results cannot be challenged, we deliver!

- Robert L. Cormier, COO


Robert Cormier is an honor graduate of the prestigious Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, GA. Cormier’s early vocational experiences on the front lines of federal law enforcement shaped his career as an expert in law enforcement, security, and asset protection. He has been highly decorated throughout his 20 years of service at a national level for major governmental agencies for implementing force-on-force training and drafting policy and procedure in all aspects of security.


In addition to his real-world law-enforcement experience, Cormier is committed to continuing his professional education. He earned Federal Law Enforcement Training Center certifications as a Defensive Tactics and Use of Force Instructor, a Regional Tactics and Firearms Training Coordinator, and as a Criminal Investigator, in addition to certifications for U.S. Border Patrol Academy Training and Inspector General Advanced Training. A certified Rescue Scuba Diver, Cormier is licensed by the NJ State Police as a N.J. S.O.R.A. Trainer (for security officers) and as a Private Investigator. Cormier holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Corrections and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Drexel University.


Now retired from government service, Cormier continues to serve as a trainer and consultant for these agencies, with most of his attention devoted to managing Erigere Rapidus Solutions Inc. (ERS), a specialized security firm. As Chief Operating Officer of ERS, Cormier oversees the provision of security and investigative products to the private sector. These products and services include executive/celebrity protection, active shooter readiness response training, investigative services, physical security plans/risk assessments, asset protection and transportation, security safety training, and K9 patrol, screening, and detection.


Under Cormier’s guidance, ERS procured multiple contracts to protect high-level officials in and out of the government. These contracts include providing security during the 2019 Presidential Debate in Las Vegas, NV and the 2018 March for our Lives demonstration in Washington, D.C., along U.S. Senator President Biden in Wilmington, DE prior to him becoming President and former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords.

Deputy Director of Operations

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Assistant Director of Operations Security/Education Coordinator
Vault Services Manager

Logistics Coordinator

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