Our programs are tailored to fit your organization.

We design the right plan and training to help you protect your most valuable asset: your people.

Active Shooter Readiness & Response Training

Business/Civic/Public Organizations

  • ​On-Site Active Shooter Presentations configures to meet your needs
  • ​Policy Planning/Risk Assessments/Emergency Response Planning
  • ​Webinar Training configured specifically to meet your needs and security configuration
  • ​On Site Training and Drills
  • ​Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Training Certification
  • ​Satisfies the OSHA General Duty Clause-
  • ​24/7 365 Crisis Management & Emergency Response Team to help if a violent attack occurs

A sad reality of our times is that Active Shooter/Workplace Violence will continue to occur around the globe but with proper preparation, planning and training we will increase the odds of survival for your employees, students, customers, congregations, patients, and children. Yes, that list in the previous sentence is realistic, Active shooting incidents occur almost anywhere, we almost always associate Active Shooter situations with schools because of the sheer horror involved, however, FBI studies have shown that over 75% of Active Shooter situations occur at a business location, often one very familiar to the shooter. In today's time, we can no longer take the stance that "It won't happen here". Our classes are tailor made to fit your organization and provide the right planning and preparation to protect the most valuable asset, your people.

The challenges for the First Responders, the Police, EMS, Fire Department, Security Guards are immense and ever-evolving. At ERS we offer tailor made training both by mobile training team and at our contracted facility in the Pocono Mountain, PA area for First Responders. We understand the unique challenges that you face with budgets, training, schedules, politics, and regulations. Our team is comprised of former Law Enforcement from all levels, former Special Ops Team members, FLETC certified firearms and tactics instructors and Security Planning Specialists whose diverse skill sets make for realistic, relevant and incredibly valuable training.

We offer a unique product from our competitors in the industry. Along with offering comprehensive Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Risk Analysis we now offer a tailored made Workplace Violent Behavior Prevention Plan & Training to help employees identify potential signs and to mitigate risk before a crisis situation occurs.

​​We offer the right training for your organization, and adapt to fit your specialized needs. 

K-12 Schools/Colleges

​Other Educational Facilities

  • ​On-Site Active Shooter Presentations configured for the audience "We want to teach not scare our kids"
  • ​Policy Planning/Risk Assessments/Emergency Response Planning
  • ​Webinar Training configured specifically for Teachers/Administrators/Student
  • ​On Site Training and Drills
  • ​Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Certification; show the community you are serious about their child's safety
  • ​24/7 365 Crisis Management & Emergency Response Team to help if a violent attack occurs

Industry Specific Training That Addresses Your Specific Needs

Law Enforcement/EMS/First Responders

  • ​Enhance current skill set
  • Gain additional knowledge/skills and ability to advance your organizations preparedness
  • ​Topics include: Live Fire/Tactics/NLT Individual and Team Scenarios/Combat Trauma/Policy & Planning
  • ​4-5 Day Mobile Training Team Available
  • ​ We supply/maintain/clean all training equipment
  • ​Customizable and Advanced Courses Available
  • ​Instructor Training