Our Asset & Maritime Protection division is comprised of operators from the special operations communities of law enforcement and the military. Highly trained, professional and dedicated to their mission of protecting your physical assets and providing  your maritime protection needs.

We offer a comprehensive solution to your maritime security needs anywhere on the globe. Our staff has been handpicked by our management team for their expertise in the security field. Our International Maritime Team is made up of former members of the Law Enforcement and Military Special Operations communities. ERS offers a wide range of maritime security services for private yachts , corporate vessels and corporate fleets, we understand that security needs are specific to the client and our services can be tailored to meet your individual needs

  • Threat Assessments/Risk Analysis
  • County Specific Threat Assessments
  • Advanced Logistics Planning for All Destinations
  • Security Training for Crew
  • Security/Executive Protection Teams
  • Intelligence Research/Communication Specialists Case Managers with Global Tracking Capability
  • 24/7 365 Crisis Management and Emergency Response Teams

Critical Infrastructure and valuable assets are always at risk, particularly if you are doing business in developing countries. Our Asset Protection Division operates domestically in all 50 States, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands. We will build the right security plan based on our risk assessment, ERS and our vetted partners will ensure that your company doesn't lose key infrastructure and valuable assets. We also operate internationally and offer the industry's best options for protecting your critical infrastructure and valuable assets all around the globe.

  • Cannabis Industry Custom Designed Security and ​Custom Designed Asset Security Plans for Cash Business with Unique Security Issues

​​Recent changes in many Cannabis laws have created a new class of business with unique security issues related to moving their product and profits safely. There are many start up "security experts" who are operating without training, proper licensing, and sufficient insurance operating in your area. Our personnel are vetted, professional, highly trained former law enforcement and military operators who understand discretion and operational security. We will customize your security plan to meet the industry standards, your company's standards make sure you are in compliance with the laws and regulations of your jurisdiction. Our Division of Investigations is available to help in loss prevention investigations/insider threat investigations and pre-employment background investigations.

  • Risk Assessment/Development of Processes and Procedures/Asset Security Plan

Every business has unique security needs and our Physical Security Specialists will conduct a comprehensive Risk Analysis and work closely with your management team to develop the right Security Plan, Policies, and Procedures to keep all of your assets secure. We will ensure that your company is in complaint with ever-evolving safety and security laws. ERS has a solution for whatever security issue you face involving physical assets from designing the right plan to the physical escort and delivery of your asset overseas we are here to help.

  • Global Tracking of Assets

​Our Physical Assets Protection teams can be outfitted the GPS Tracking which our command center will monitor 24/7 at your request. If your company wants the piece of mind of GPS Tracking our system will provide texting or email alerts during movements at intervals that you can set at any time. Our teams always carry reliable satellite communications equipment to remain in contact with the ERS Command Center.


  • Secure Asset Transportation

​​Our Domestic Asset Transportation teams are comprised of former federal/state/local law enforcement and military operators and based on your specific needs and risk assessment will be armed or unarmed. Does the shipment require armored vehicles, or a tactical response team escort, or does it simply need to be escorted for a visual delivery verification? ERS has the right solution to meet your specific needs.


  • International Secure Asset Transportation

​​​From delivery settlement checks from a large class action to vulnerable clients living in corrupt developing nations to escorting/transporting physical assets for your company to partner, customers, and clients, ERS has the right solution. We will have an International Secure Asset team of whatever size deemed appropriate on the ground, the Team Leader will have extensive experience, valuable contacts, and law enforcement liaisons in your destination country. To augment our personnel on the ground we have vetted partners all around the globe who can assist our teams with local laws and regulations, and provide armed assistance. Our vetted partners all are current and former law enforcement from their home nations who have passed extensive background checks and polygraph exams.

  • ​Global GPS Tracking-Live Time Intelligence Briefings

​​We have intelligence support to support our Secure Assets teams that monitors the law enforcement activity, political activities, military activity, traffic patterns, and a host of other open source and proprietary intelligence products to ensure our personnel safely and securely deliver your valuable assets. We also offer GPS Tracking capability with live time text and email updates directly to you. All International teams are assigned the most current satellite communications equipment to remain in contact with our Command Center at all times.

  • ​24/7 365 Crisis Management and Emergency Response Teams 

We will monitor your asset the moment we secure it from our Command Center and should it be compromised our Physical Asset team escorting the asset will take the necessary steps to deliver it safely or evacuate it to a safe location. ERS will deploy additional security measures at a moments notice to protect and if needed recover our personnel and your assets. Our team leaders and vetted partners have strong ties to government and police agencies through years of work partnerships which make sure we safely get the job done.

Asset & Maritime Protection

​Don't Let Your Valuable Cargo Fall into the Wrong Hands