Our team has over 80 years combined experience in dealing with labor crimes and labor racketeering. .Issues can surface with little to no warning and can cause serious losses to profits and infrastructure. Examples can include: Bomb threats, workplace violence, stalkers, corporate espionage, supply chain disruption, organized labor disruption and extortion. Our team has the expertise to root out the cause of the issue, identify suspects, develop a plan to address the issue, serve as a liaison with law enforcement to protect your interests and effectively resolve the problem with the best interest of the client always being considered paramount. Our Assessment Team will address any identified security issue, offer options of addressing those issues, and implement the new policies and procedures efficiently and effectively. Our Security team has over 80 years conducting criminal investigations, conducting  corporate risk management and investigations, implementing travel risk mitigation, running executive protection details , private client services, and emergency response services and will be available to you 24/7 365 after implementation to adapt to whatever situation may arise.

‚ÄčERS was built by recruiting the very best of former Federal/State/Local law enforcement, former Special Operations Operators, as well as technical subject matter experts from engineering to communications. Our team will be on site, working closely with your staff to ensure success in your Corporate Security Plan

Corporate Security Services

Our Security Assessment team will identify where your are vulnerable to a security issue and help implement a plan to counteract those issues and any potential future issue.

  • Executive Protection

Our team can meet any of your personal protection needs anywhere on the globe. Whether you require a comprehensive assessment or a high threat close protection team we are ready to meet your Executive Security needs. Our staff has worked high level Executive Protection in Europe, Mexico, South and Central American, Senegal, Congo, Somalia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, the rest of the Middle East and many more high threat countries. We have extensive contacts in all 50 US States and in dozens of foreign countries with law enforcement and intelligence assets. We can be out of site and very low key and switch to close high profile protection without the blink of an eye. ERS understands the importance of a reliable, discreet, professional protection team and we recruit all of our employees because we only accept the very best to join our ranks.

  • Informational Security and Electronic Surveillance Countermeasures

ERS will conduct sweeps at your business locations to identify electronic surveillance equipment that may have been put in place by a competitor,  someone looking to conduct financial fraud, securities fraud, blackmail and/or extortion. Our counter surveillance team is made of former military and members of the intelligence community. Each has been trained extensively on electronic surveillance techniques. We can work with your schedule to make these sweeps less intrusive on your business, family and employees lives. Electronic surveillance is easy to conduct and is becoming more and more prevalent as technology continues to advance. Call us for more details on our team and our equipment.

  • Travel Risk Assessments

Our Management Team has extensive experience in overseas protective operations as both the Lead Advance Agent and the Detail Leader on high level cabinet protection details. As a result of our experience we have strong working relationships with foreign police and intelligence forces in over 50+ nations. For example, our team worked hand in hand with the Director of the Federal Police of Honduras when he was coming up the ranks in Honduras' Spec Ops community. Now Ramon Sabillon is the highest ranking federal police office in Honduras and a close business associate and personal friend of ERS. Our Foreign Travel teams are highly trained, professional, and experienced in operating in developed and undeveloped nations. We will work side by side with you to develop, implement and manage a highly effective Travel Risk Matrix as well as provide an Executive Protection team that has experience in that part of the world. If you have a team in place we can provide advance training and/or help supplement your detail with some of our experienced agents. In addition, we will have a 24/7 365 Crisis Management Jump team on call to assist in your crisis management needs, if needed, we can have a Crisis Management Jump Team on the ground to assist with all aspects of the crisis to include evacuation if needed.

  • You and Your Family Safe and Secure During International Travel

ERS is uniquely situated in the security world because of global footprint. We employ regional security experts who have strong contacts in whatever area you plan to travel. We have built strong personal and professional ties with senior members of government and police forces in just about any country on your itinerary. Our lead advance team will possess language skills, understand the culture of the area and will be a liaison with foreign police, hotel security and will ensure that your movements are secure, worry free, and well planned so that you can focus on other things.

  • Threat Management

Our experienced staff of federal/state/and local law enforcement officers, security specialists, and military operators can investigate threats and formulate the right plan to address your security needs. We will quickly assess the threat, thoroughly investigate all leads, review your existing security protocols while providing executive protection and establish the right intervention plan for your situation. Whether we need to train your people and redesign policy or we need to place one of our Executive Protection teams on site we will tailor the operation to safely meet your needs.

  • Private Client, Home Office and Family Protection Services

Because of extensive Executive Security experience we understand the needs of security but we also know how to implement the right security plan for our clients while keeping a safe, balanced,  secure, and "normal" lifestyle. Our protection services are not just made up of a bunch of suits and ear pieces, we will tailor make a security plan with you that includes a comprehensive threat assessment, physical security assessments of your business, home, frequented locations which will allow for us to pinpoint the right plan for you. Our Executive Protection team can be with you 24/7 365 or we can provide uniformed mobile guards on off hours. In addition, we have a fleet of Chevrolet SUV's that are fully equipped with emergency packages and protection related equipment and our Protection Agents are all trained in Protective Operations Driving by the top Federal Law Enforcement Instructors. Our Executive Protection Management team is led by one of our nation's top motorcade experts. Any threat leads will be quickly referred to our investigative team who will hit the ground running to make sure you are safe and secure. In addition, we have a 24/7 365 Tactical Operations Team available to assist and augment your team should the threat level rise without warning.

  • Event Security

ERS will take all the security related issues off your plate during your special event. We know that planning an event is difficult by itself, especially when there are security considerations. Our team will work with you to design the perfect security plan specific for your event, we can design unique access passes for conferences and develop overlay programs in order to achieve the desired level of security. Our Director was responsible for the Park City Main Street venue at the 2001 Olympics, has coordinated high level visits to NFL/MLB and NBA games as well as NCAA games. We understand event security and have Agents with extensive experience ready. In addition, we have a strong partnership with one of the top uniform security firms in the United States who can augment our security plan should additional manpower be needed.