Our staff is comprised of Physical Security Specialists and Federal Law Enforcement Officers who played a role in the implementation Continuity of Government plan, exercises and assessments. Other members of our staff were part of Federal Law Enforcement and Military Special Operations Teams and received extensive training in Crisis Management as it relates to the security field. We will start by conducting an assessment, designing a plan, and conducting table top exercises to test and adapt the plan.  We will work as your contact with the local police, EMS, fire and emergency management center to protect your interests at all times. There is no company better situated than ERS to be at your side during a crisis situation. Members of our staff were among the first responders and leadership during 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, 2001 Olympic Security Team-Utah, Atlanta Olympic bombing, Hurricane Sandy, the 2016 Pope visit to the United States and the bombing in Oklahoma City to name just a few Crisis Management situations that members of our staff have been involved.

Crisis Management & Continuity of Operations

  • ​​Business Continuity

Our experienced team will evaluate your current Crisis Management/Emergency Response plans and policies and help implement updates that keep you current with industry standards, rules and government regulations. Anything that effects your personnel and/or facilities can become a business crisis situation with little notice. Hurricanes, earthquakes, power outages, infrastructure failures like overtaxed power grids (very common in some developing nations), civil unrest, labor strife, civil war, terrorist attacks are a few examples of events that can cause a major disruption in operations and have a potential of extreme loss of assets.  We will conduct a comprehensive Risk Analysis & Business Impact Analysis, this detailed analysis will enable us to begin formulating the right continuity plan. Second we will sit down with you and learn your business priorities and acceptable losses, based on this input and our comprehensive analysis we will work closely with your management team to develop the appropriate Crisis Management and Emergency Response Plans. Finally, we will put together a custom training program so that we can train all levels of your company on their role in a crisis situation which helps build confidence should the plan ever need to be put into effect. Once the plan is in place, and your people are trained we will test our new policies and plans to include testing remote recovery sites, testing our emergency communications plan, and testing any applicable evacuation plans with table top and live exercises. ERS will be ready to respond and assist with one of our on call teams should the need arise.

  • Crisis Management and Emergency Response Plans

There is no substitute for real world experience, our team has implemented Crises Management and Emergency Response Plans for government agencies, schools, hospitals and corporate clients . We will draft, implement, train and test your Crisis Management and Emergency Response Plans in order to give your company and your personnel confidence when the actual event occurs. We will provide an in depth but practical Emergency Response Plan that will address your needs and coordinate with the first responding agencies in your area. Your plan will reflect your Crisis Management and Response polices and will address a myriad of crisis situations to include: Active Shooter/Workplace Violence, Terrorist and Criminal Attacks, Fire/Exposure/Hazmat incidents, Political and Civil unrest, Pandemic epidemic situations, Kidnapping, Weather and Infrastructure emergencies. Our comprehensive plan will define roles and authorities such as designating an employee as the Incident Response Manager who will work closely with our ERS counterpart to keep your plan up to date and accurate. We offer use of our Emergency Employee Locator system which is housed on our servers and backed up every evening. With the click of a button we can locate and communicate vital information to your employees by email, text and phone.

  • Crisis Management and Emergency Response Training (Mobile Training Team or at our Pocono Training Environment)

​​​We offer several types of instruction to your management team, your employees and any Incident Response team that you may identified. Our training courses will be tailored to meet your specific policies and procedures as well as local rules and regulations. Examples of training we will perform either on our client site or at our training area are: Crisis Management structure, staffing a trained Emergency Response Team, Incident Reporting and Communication, Overview of the Operational Processes, Table Top/Live Testing of the Operational Processes, and Presenting your Crisis Management and Emergency Response Plans to your personnel,  As part of our function we will conduct annual testing and evaluation of the Crisis Management and Emergency Response Plans

  • 24/7 365 Crisis Management and Emergency Response Teams On Standby and Ready to Assist​

​​​At ERS we keep an Emergency Response Team on duty rotation at all times, this allows us to have a team readily available 24/7 365 days per week should you need emergency on site assistance. Our teams are comprised of former law enforcement, EMS, and military operators with experience in high stress environments. We have also formed partnerships with companies that we have vetted in order to give us quicker response times in the Continental United States, Mexico, Central America, South America, Europe, Northern Africa, and the Middle East. We also have vetted partnerships that allow for quick response times anywhere that we have business.

If our extensive intelligence network identifies a potential issue we will send an Emergency Response Team to be on site before the incident occurs, this is often the case in situations involving hurricanes, natural disasters and civil/political unrest. We understand that your leadership is not trained on how to respond to an Active Shooter situation, to deal with the loss of life, and to coordinate with local law enforcement all while protecting the interests of your employees, their families and your business. We have the resources to dispatch expert personnel to your site quickly so we can provide assistance in implementing the Crisis Management Plan, coordinating with local law enforcement, assisting in press inquiries, locating employees, and protecting/recovering vital assets if necessary. In plain English, ERS will be at your side to handle your security related matters so that you can focus on keeping your business operations running.