ERS Active Shooter Programs

​These programs are designed specifically for law enforcement, armed security, SWAT, and EMS to challenge and prepare you for the very worst you may encounter. Our cadre will work with your organization to design the level of course needed for your personnel. Our mobile training teams will travel to your area, supply all of the necessary equipment, and provide realistic and important training. We have FLETC Certified Instructors in Firearms, Physical Techniques and Tactics. We offer courses in solo engagement techniques, small team CQC/Direct to Threat Tactics, Policy & Planning, Combat Trauma & First Aid, Crisis Management,

  • Customizable Courses to Meet your Training Needs                             
  • Mobile Training Teams-We Bring all of the Equipment
  • Courses ranging from Introduction to Instructor

Law Enforcement/First Responders Training Win the Day 

Take an Active Role in Your Survival

Our training programs are tailor made to need the unique characteristics of your facility, your personnel and your company. We designed your program of greatly increasing the odds of survival for your employees, students, congregations and customers. Proper planning can have a major deterrence on an event occurring at your site. Our comprehensive training program, designed specifically to meet your needs, provides individuals with the knowledge and skills to ensure their survival and minimize the loss of life if confronted with a violent intruder. We have specific programs for schools, higher education, healthcare facilities, businesses, places of worship and state/local/federal agencies. Our team has over 100 combined years in Crisis Management, Special Weapons & Tactics, Hostage Negotiations, Trauma Medical Emergencies and can deliver a difficult but serious message.

  • Training Team consists of former Federal/State/Local SWAT, members of the US Special Forces community, Crisis Management Experts, Hostage Negotiators, and Physical Security Specialists who will design and present a tailored made program based off of your Risk Assessment and needs.
  • Organization & Individual Certification
  • Web-based training, on site presentations and Active Shooter drills
  • Policy Planning Assistance
  • 24/7 365 Crisis Management and Emergency Response teams to assist if a real life incident occurs. We have vetted partners in grief counseling, media/public relations, trauma clean up. We can help act as a liaison with local law enforcement and be of assistance in a moments notice.

We offer the right training for your organization, and adapt to fit your specialized needs. ERS is ready to train the biggest organization down to just one individual.

Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Risk Assessments

We don't rely on a computer generated algorithm to spit out a threat assessment in seconds then try and sell you a product that you don't need. ERS will travel to your location and conduct a thorough threat assessment of your facility, personnel, and other factors specific to your area and your industry. We offer our Active Shooter Threat Assessments at no cost and no expectations, we feel that our hands on approach is the right way to do business and our goal is to make your people safe and your facilities secure.