Strict Confidentiality

​Executive, VIP, or Celebrity our Protective Operations Teams are professionals, maintain high level Top Secret Clearances and understand confidentiality and operational security. ERS will keep the strictest confidence for all of our clients. If you require additional piece of mind we have Non-disclosure agreements as a standard part of our contract package.

ERS provides executive protection, celebrity protection and security driving services around the world. Our management team has over 100 years of protection experience as federal agents, state police officers, local police officers, and members of the military and our staff is handpicked to meet the highest of protection standards. We have experts in security and logistics planning, threat assessments, international travel security, crisis management and emergency response. Our Security Drivers are the highest trained in the civilian community, are certified in armored vehicle operations, high threat driving techniques,emergency response driving and more importantly have real world experience.

We understand that preparation and planning are the keys to an effective security detail. We will conduct a comprehensive threat assessment/risk analysis and work hand in hand with you to design the perfect security plan for your needs. Our management team will tailor your security detail to match your unique risk profile, personal circumstances and cultural beliefs. ERS  maintains an impeccable fleet of vehicles that are maintained on a daily basis, swept daily for electronic surveillance and explosive devices and outfitted with modern security equipment. We understand the ins and outs of protection and will not cut any corners, your security detail will include advance agents who will design routes of travel, arrival/departure locations, coordinated unabated access to secure locations, identify security risks, and communicate with your security detail team leader. ERS staffs a 24/7 Crisis Management and Emergency Response team that will provide intelligence briefings live time to your security detail and can dispatch a team to assist in any crisis situation.

We offer a variety of benefits with our Executive Protection program that can be tailored specifically for your need: We understand the concept of being seldom seen but ever present and can adapt quickly to an evolving security situations. Our staff has protected high ranking US Government officials, Diplomats, Corporate Executives, Professional Athletes, and Celebrities around the globe.

  • 24/7 365 Crisis Management and Emergency Response teams that can rapidly deploy around the globe'
  • Comprehensive Risk Assessments and Travel Advance Risk Assessments
  • Security Teams have real time access to our intelligence sources 24/7 365
  • Route Planning/Alternate Route Planning/Site Advance work that can adapt at a moments notice
  • Travel Security Site Surveys, Coordination/Liasion with Hotel staff, Coordination/Liasion with Airport Security
  • Coordinate with Local Law Enforcement
  • Executive Vehicle Fleet (Chevrolet/Ford SUVS) or we can employ your existing fleet
  • Expertise in Foreign Travel: ERS has assets, vetted partners and foreign government liasions around the world
  • 24/7 GPS Tracking around the Globe available
  • Vetted, Professional partners in uniformed guard and security system installation fields allow us to keep costs down and deliver a variety of options

Full Security Details, Security Individual and Security Drivers

​Based on your threat assessment and needs our agents can deploy as individuals, as a full security team or we can supply a Security Driver/Vehicle . All of our Agents are experts in security advance work, travel management as it relates to security, logistical planning, crisis management and emergency response.

You and Your Family Safe and Secure During International Travel

​ERS is uniquely situated in the security world because of global footprint. We employ regional security experts who have strong contacts in whatever area you plan to travel. We have built strong personal and professional ties with senior members of government and police forces in just about any country on your itinerary. Our lead advance team will possess language skills, understand the culture of the area and will be a liaison with foreign police, hotel security and will ensure that your movements are secure, worry free, and well planned so that you can focus on other things.

Fast Deployment Anywhere Around the Globe

​Once assigned your Security Detail is available 24/7 365 to meet your needs. In addition we always have a team on call 24/7 365 ready to deploy in a moments notice. Call our Emergency Management Center 24/7 with your security needs. We can augment your detail, provide emergency response teams to deal with any situation, kidnapping, terrorism, civil unrest, we will be there quickly.

Executive Protection & Security Driving Specialists 

Executive Protection when done correctly requires a current threat assessment, an accurate clearly stated cost benefit analysis, organized and adaptable protection plans and good old fashioned legwork.  Many of our competitors hire under trained bouncer types for their details who enjoy being noticed. Our teams look, act, dress, talk and walk like business professionals should. We recruit our teams from Federal/State/Local Law Enforcement and the Military Special Operations Communities.  ERS teams don't cut corners when conducting protection for Executives or Celebrities and can adapt our security plans to meet your needs and expectations. Our drivers have all been trained for high threat and emergency response incidents to include operations of armored vehicles. Our vehicles are swept daily for electronic surveillance and explosives and are in impeccable shape so that you arrive safely, discretely and in class.  We provide the essential resources to mitigate risks for our Executive and Celebrity clients including a highly trained team of Security Drivers.