​​Investigations Division 

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​Asset Identification and Search

Our team will employ modern investigative techniques and strategies to search, identify and recover your assets. The internet banking age has ushered in an era where assets can move across the globe with just the click of a button. Privacy laws, the internet, and the globalization of business all can be used to hide the true owner of assets. We recruited some of the finest agents that the IRS once employed and teamed them with our top notch forensic accounting team and what we have is an Asset Protection team that will work tirelessly on your behalf to recover those assets that may have been misappropriated by a corrupt foreign government, stolen by a former employee who has since moved them overseas, or help to enforce legal judgements on companies that are hiding their assets just out of reach. ERS will identify missing, previously unknown or hidden assets . These investigations are often complex, multi-jurisdictional, often involve offshore asset safe havens, corrupt jurisdictions, creditor unfriendly jurisdictions, purposely complex corporate structures and  alter ego companies. We will help you identity real property, financial accounts, business associations,  Accounts Receivables, and personal property (homes, jets, yachts, luxury cars and fine art). Our international investigation team has  identified assets for cartel members, and subjects that are responsible for multi-billion dollar fraud schemes.

  • Trademark Infringement/Brand Protection

Global Piracy, Counterfeiting, Gray Market Diversion, and Misappropriation by former/current employees,  business associates and third parties are serious issues that your company faces every minute, Our investigative team has over 20 years experience investigating Intellectual Property (IP) crimes  as members of the US Customs Service and the Department of Homeland Security helping us to develop proven strategic methods in Brand Protection and IP Protection. These are critical security issues that must be addressed if your company wants to succeed in its corporate growth and compete in the global marketplace. Industries that we have seen a steady increase in IP thefts are: Fashion, Music, Film, Software, Chemical Formulas for Perfume, Pharmaceuticals, Agricultural Chemical compounds, and the Gaming Industry. The wrong IP Security Plan that fails to address potential weaknesses corporate wide can lead to the loss of millions of dollars, loss of status in the corporate world and eventually lead to your company's inability to compete. We will build a comprehensive ever-evolving IP Security Plan and ensure that it is implemented and flawless. Should a breach occur we will be ready to quickly investigate leads and work with your corporate counsel to recover losses and mitigate damage. We will work with your in house legal team to protect against theft, counterfeiting, and diversion of PII Information, Customer Data, Trade Secrets, Trademarks, and Patents. ERS has a dedicated and experienced team ready to help recover your companies IP assets.

  • Financial Investigations

We have extensive experience conducting complex financial fraud investigations, investigating allegations of financial misconduct by employees and business associates, Identifying regulatory breaches and secure remaining IP data from potential spillage, as well as investigating potential cases of bribery and corruption from insider threats, business partners, vendors and competitors. A difficult pill to swallow, insiders continue to be among the largest threats to IP data,  Employees are at risk of  unintentional spillage and those with access to supply chains are at risk for bribery attempts. Our Investigators are skilled in conducting misconduct, bribery and corruption investigations. In addition our team is skilled in assessing financial transactions, identifying accounting irregularities, and addressing regularitory  and compliance issues on behalf of the Federal government, public/privately held companies, private equity firms, and other high wealth organizations and individuals.

  • Regulatory Investigations

We at ERS are always committed to assembling the finest teams available to effectively address the ever-evolving issues that our clients face. We recruited members of the intelligence community, highly decorated members of law enforcement, the very best forensic accountants both from the government and corporate world, data analytics experts, and Computer Evidence Technicians. Our experience and expertise give ERS teams the ability to identify and draw evidence from all possible sources.

  • Forensic Accounting

​​Our team of investigative and forensic accountants has successfully conducted investigations and audits both domestically and overseas. We can tailor our forensic accounting approach to meet the needs of our client or the specific situation that requires our attention. Our reports are detailed, are based on factual findings and line with Federal Court Room guidelines concerning the Rules of Criminal Procedure. If needed we will assist your litigation teams prepare for discovery, examine and record records and assist in the recovery of assets after judgement. We have experience in Anti-Corruption, Asset Recovery, Cash Flow Analysis, Court Appointed Accounting, Damage Assessment, Financial and Economic Analysis, Expert and Fact Witness Testimony, Financial Reporting and Disclosures, and many other White Collar Fraud Investigations.

  • Internal Investigations/Insider Threat Investigations

Insider Threats are a realistic issue that must be addressed promptly and effectively to prevent additional spillage or theft of information. Our clients turn to us to identify the causes and responsible parties for information spillage and theft related to IP, financial improprieties, corruption, bribery, counterfeiting, workplace violence, cyber crime, and other data breaches, ERS investigative teams have experience working with our clients and their counsel in developing a strategic plan to investigate, identify and remedy the potential sources of information and wrongdoing, ERS teams can be on site quickly and effectively to find facts, recover losses and mitigate risk. Our clients are among the world’s leading businesses, their boards of directors, law firms, multinational banks, investment firms, educational institutions, non-profit organizations and government entities.  Our Internal Investigations team also has a wide degree of experience related to employment matters including misrepresentations, discrimination, sexual misconduct and violations of civil rights. We will also investigate slip and fall complainants, worker's compensation fraud and Unemployment Insurance Fraud as requested.

  • Litigation Support/Witness Logistics

Our team of investigators has extensive experience inside the criminal, civil and administrative court environment. We collectively have thousands of hours in the courtroom. We offer a wide range of Litigation services to help clients and attorneys meet their litigation needs and reach a successful outcome in their cases. We know how difficult litigation can be on business, it is costly and the related business disruption can be bad for business. We have helped our clients successfully prevail when in hundreds of cases. We will dedicate a trial team to assist your attorneys, this group has experience in investigations, computer forensics, asset recovery, forensic accounting and data breach/IP Security which can be helpful when the attorneys need technical assistance. We will gather the evidence you need if it exists, the minute you retain our litigation support services we will immediately confer with you and your legal team on the strategy and deploy the resources needed for the case, anywhere in the world. Our litigation support involves identifying key objectives, obtaining pertinent facts, locating and interviewing crucial fact witnesses. Our litigation support team can provide the following services: We will conduct a background on all adversarial witnesses to identify potential impeachment information, we will identify the other sides plan for attacking your assets and witnesses, we will use our expertise in financial investigations to illuminate relevant issues for trial, we will detect and preserve and evidence that is stored in electronic media, we will scour the web to look for any information on the opposition, if it exists on social media we will find it and we will identify all of the assets of the opposition in order to move quickly once we receive word that we have successfully litigated the case. We can gather evidence in all corners of the World, we are a worldwide firm with operators in most parts of the world. We have area experts on our team for each region of the world, their language skills, and relationships in the area can be priceless when litigation is overseas or involve overseas business. Our staff is made up of former law enforcement officers and civil investigators that understand the litigation world very well and will work strategically to support your case. Our Investigators are expert interviewers and develop top notch investigative plans with just a few leads. We have supported in house corporate counsel and outside counsel with critical research, and witness coordination that allowed them to focus on delivering a favorable outcome for our client.  ERS also offers a witness management specialist who will coordinate all travel and trial prep for your witness list, if needed, we have Executive Protection teams on call to protect and transport witnesses to and from the courthouse and to hotels under our control.

  • Intelligence-Business/Background

We value our intelligence reports when designing a customized plan for your needs. Our team of intelligence experts have backgrounds from  enforcement, corporate security and military backgrounds.  We will provide detailed, meaningful and easy to understand intelligence products to our clients which helps you make an informed decision during business negotiations. Some examples of our Business Intelligence products include Market Entry Support where we research potential competitors and the current business landscape for your product, we conduct thorough background reviews of potential partners, identify the overall health of the business, and assess the political, operational and infrastructure risks. In addition, we offer a detailed investigative report concerning the Industry and Competitors in the area. This report includes an analysis of your competitors in the same market detailing their strengths and weaknesses and we identify potential cost and revenue drivers.

Additionally we offer Proprietary Investment Research will add additional information to your research efforts in order to fine tune your investment strategy. We will prepare briefs detailing the current and historical  regulatory  or litigation environment of your target company. We will provide an Assessment Report on the target company's market, product and investment strategies. ERS offers additional Business Intelligence products, we can provide Assessments determining the impact of new management teams and strategies in the marketplace and we can assess the overall perception of any assimilating employees. Our reports will also detail any identified poor business practices that may need to be addressed and any existing processes that need to remain in place.

  • Cyber Crime Investigations

We have certified computer forensics investigators and computer evidence recovery specialists have the expertise to investigate a wide range of Cyber Crime activities. We will provide a full range of investigative strategies to identify your company's weaknesses and recommend upgrades that are relevant and cost effective to secure your assets. If there is a breach we will be able to identify the source of that breach, work hand in hand with your IP Security in house staff to implement a fix. ERS Computer Evidence Personnel will process and secure any physical evidence that we can find to get one step closer to the Who, What, When and How needed in criminal investigations. We offer a diverse range of investigative activities related to Cyber Crime to include: data collection and analysis, internal employee interviews, external interviews of partners and vendors, Conduct Physical and Electronic Surveillance on identified computer areas and review existing security data for potential evidence. Our Cyber Security and Investigative Team will work closely with your counsel, senior executives, audit teams and outside counsel at each stage to ensure we are not only meeting your Cyber Security needs but that we are providing a meaningful investigative product for your litigation team. If needed, we will assemble an investigative report with supporting evidence for the local/state/or federal law enforcement agencies or the US Attorney's Office for potential civil and criminal remedies. We will serve as your proxy and assist with the coordination of the investigation.

  • Kidnapping/Missing Persons

These are serious, intense and time sensitive situations requiring an immediate and focused response. Our 24/7 365 Emergency Response Teams have the ability to be at your location anywhere in the world within as little to 1 hour and maximum of 60 hours. We have a highly trained and experienced team of investigators and intelligence specialists who can work in conjunction with law enforcement or independently from law enforcement both domestically and internationally. Kidnappings and Hostage Situations are high-tension environments that require extreme discipline and attention to detail while remaining considerate of our client's emotional state. It is imperative that every possible option be explored quickly when dealing with these situations and while a trusted and important partner during these cases, the police and FBI do not have  all of the same resources we can employ. Don't try and handle this alone, no matter what has been threatened engage the services of a proven investigative firm, ERS will have members of our Emergency team en route to your location quickly, while they are traveling, our intelligence unit will be gathering as much intelligence as possible so that we will hit the ground running and recover your employee or loved one. Ransom situations are difficult, we have experienced staff that understand Hostage and Ransom situations and we help achieve a successful outcome.

There are many reasons children come up missing whether it be kidnapping for ransom, illegal  adoption agencies both domestically and internationally, sex offenders, sexual predators, international sex trade, slave labor, domestic/international prostitution groups, parental/family kidnapping along with a host of other reasons. Response to these situations must be IMMEDIATE, the first 24 hours are crucial in the successful recovery efforts. Engage any and all law enforcement, the FBI and the local law enforcement agencies must be alerted and are a huge asset in the early stages of this crises. If your loved one has not been located in the first 24-48 hours, consider obtaining private investigative services from a reputable company like ours, although we suggest engaging a firm like ours immediately to get more boots on the ground, what is important is that we get your child home, healthy and safe. ERS understands that often local/federal law enforcement will discourage seeking assistance from a firm like ours, however, this isn't a turf battle, we must exhaust any available resource to assist in the recovery of your child. Your child is in obvious danger, we will extend all our investigative and intelligence resource into getting him/her home and in your arms.

  • Employee Related/Worker's Compensation Fraud/Insurance Fraud ​

Our management team has unmatched experience managing and investigating worker's compensation insurance fraud cases. We will provide the evidence needed to determine whether an employee exaggerated his injuries, has unreported income or other employment that has been concealed, has a history of worker's comp/insurance related fraud, or is working under an alias to disguise additional income. We understand the costs of fraudulent worker's compensation claims and will gather evidence of wrongdoing if it exists in a timely fashion. Our investigative report will be comprehensive, accurate and completed to meet the Federal government standards for criminal and civil prosecutions. What does that mean to you, our reports are among the finest in the industry and stand alone once completed.  We can open and close these types of investigations in as little as a few days, on average we deliver a finished product within 2-3 weeks.

  • Family Investigative Services

​ERS offers professional, discreet, infidelity investigations that can be tailored to meet your budget. We offer strict non disclosure agreements and will work with you to identify to gather the right evidence of a physical, emotional, cyber relationships should they exist. We will produce professional, thorough and timely investigative reports to you and your legal team if the need arises. Family Law, Child Custody, Inheritance Disputes, and Divorce are sensitive but important investigations. We have extensive experience managing and partnering with law firms in these types of investigations. Our team understands the intense personal nature of each situation and the importance of delivery a thorough, accurate investigative report as quickly as possible. We will provide a high return on your investment by providing professional, quality, comprehensive services that will always exceed expectations. Our services include:  

  • Pre-Employment Background Checks/Corporate I-9/Employment Visa Audit Services

​ERS can tailor our pre-employment screening processes to meet your company's specific needs. We understand that some clients need to be contractually complaint with employee screening requirements by regulation and our team will ensure that our services keep you in compliance and identify any potential problems in a new employees past. Today, there are hundreds of software packages and fly by night services claiming to be the cutting edge in background screening. We believe at ERS there is no substitute to hands on pre-employment background screening. Like the role that OPM plays in background screening for the federal government we can perform a comprehensive back ground check quickly and thoroughly so that you can keep your most powerful resource, your human capitol, focused and producing. We can combine any of combine any of the following services based on your specific needs: Social Security Number Traces (identify potential identity theft issues), Federal / State Wage Database Searches, Credit Report Analysis, Criminal History Checks, Past Employment Verification, Education Verification, Driver´s & Professional License Checks, Reference Checks, International Background Checks, and Security Clearance Suitability Reviews. In addition, we offer post employment monitoring which becomes important if there is a contractual noncompete clause. We will identify if your potential hire is barred from doing business in your industry by the Federal or State Governments having jurisdiction. 

ERS employs former Special Agents and Auditors from the Immigration and Naturalization Service and the Department of Homeland Security who specialized during their time with the government on Worksite Enforcement Investigative groups. These immigration experts will conduct an audit of your personnel practices and paperwork to ensure compliance with current Immigration laws, policies and procedures. In addition, our experts stay abreast of proposed legislation, changes in policy, trends in DHS investigations and will keep your company current when changes to the law do occur. If you engage with an employment agency dealing with non'immigrant work visas in order to fill your workforce than you should consider having our ERS Compliance team conduct a review of your processes and procedures to ensure compliance. 

  • ​International Investigations

Dealing with foreign law enforcement can be tricky, especially with language barriers and not understanding customs and procedures. We have area experts in every region of the world who have strong law enforcement liaison contacts, personal relationships with government officials, and ties to the community. Several members of our team have been recruited directly from elite police, intelligence, and military units of their home nations. We have operational capability around the globe with very fast response times and we specialize in Mexico, Central and South America. We can have "boots on the ground" almost anywhere in as little as one hour to a maximum of 60 hours. ERS offers services that many of our competitors don't with proven results. Your company's legal team or firm may need to locate and secure statements from witnesses who reside in other countries. This can be difficult in some of the developing nations that lack infrastructure especially with dealing with witnesses that come from the migrant community.  Our international teams can help you locate and interview key witnesses, prepare videotape statements, verify statements and testimony from grand jury and earlier court actions, prepare witnesses for trial, locate missing persons, locate and identify fugitives and others attempting to conceal their identities. We have conducted murder, missing persons, kidnapping, and a variety of other investigations around the globe with successful outcomes. We also offer high level Executive Protection, Celebrity Protection, Personal Protection, Maritime and Asset Protection anyway you are traveling.

  • Due Diligence Investigations

Corporations enter large financial transactions such as mergers and acquisitions are making a considerable risk. there are questions that your legal team and your financial team cannot answer completely such as integrity issues , reputations and backgrounds of their transaction counterparts, particularly if  those counterparts have foreign roots. ERS Investigators can work hand in hand with your team to help your company make the right decisions. As with all of our products we tailor our services to meet your needs, If your company is planning a merger or acquisition, preparing for public offering, entering into a joint venture, negotiating financing, or dealing with private equity/venture capital and other investments a ERS Due Diligence team will be there for the entire process to protect your assets. As we do in all of our products, we roll up and sleeves and do our work the right way, hands on and on site. We will investigate, analyze and investigative information pertaining to:  Regulatory History/Sanctions/Violations; Criminal/Civil Violations; Corporate Partnerships/Business Relationships; Property/Asset Identification; Professional/Educational History; and Reputation with partners and vendors.

Infidelity/Fidelity Investigations          
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Full Scope Background Investigations
Computer Forensic Services

Our investigative team is comprised of former Supervisory Federal Investigators, Regulatory Investigators, Retired State and Local Police Officers, and Investigators from the corporate world. Combined we have over 100 years of investigative experience ranging from single scope background investigations to serious organized crime and labor racketeering investigations. The depth and scope of our collective experience allows ERS to deliver a quality investigative product to our clients on every occasion. We have conducted thousands of investigations both domestically and internationally and have presented cases for criminal/civil prosecution, administrative remedy as well as assisted our clients legal teams in a variety of investigation.  ERS can fill any of your firm's or businesses investigative needs. We can provide expert witness testimony on thousands of criminal and white collar fraud topics, have forensic accountants, and can serve as court appointed /agency appointed monitors in just about any industry.


We have a very diverse investigative team and can offer our clients a wide range of investigative services.

Asset Searches and Asset Recovery
Open Source & Social Media Reports

Child Custody Disputes
Co-habitation Verification  
Legal Team Assistance with Trial Prep
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