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Your venues are being targeted with increasing frequency by criminals and terrorists – both foreign and domestic.
The presence of a well-trained K9 unit can stop them in their tracks and keep your venue safe and secure for your guests and staff.

Don’t be an easy target! The best way to prevent an emergency like an active shooter or bomb situation is to make it visibly harder for criminals to threaten your venue. Fortify your security team with the highly trained and professional K9 units from Erigere Rapidus Solutions. Our K9s reduce your risk of being the target of an attack through Detection and Deterrence.

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Detection: We work with your team to sweep your facility for explosives, firearms, and contraband prior to your event. Our K9 units can be as discreet or as visible as you wish while sweeping parking and public areas surrounding the property, all interior spaces such as lobbies, concourses, seating areas, and back-of-the-house areas.


With a sense of smell 100,000 times more acute than a human’s and specialized training to detect dozens of odors of explosives and firearms, if a bomb or weapon is planted in your venue, it will be found by our dogs. Plus, our K9s can accurately screen thousands of patrons for body-worn explosives or firearms as they pass through secure entry points.


Deterrence: The mere presence of our K9s is the strongest visual deterrent available against threatening behavior. Our dogs and their handlers are available for active patrols of the venue during events as well as for stationary-point security to provide a psychological deterrent for threatening behavior and an efficient and effective means for crowd control.

ERS K9 Tim Falke and dog.jpeg
Detection Tech Spotlight
“The ERS K9 Division is analytics-driven, and we’re using state-of-the-art technology to detect, avoid, and eliminate
modern threats.”   - ERS K9 Division Leader Tim Falke

While they are in the field, ERS K9s have cameras mounted to their helmets and a small drone attached to their vests. We simultaneously deploy a command-and-control drone, allowing us to see the entire area from above. Coupling multiple drone and camera platforms provides a better picture of the situation, so we can better prepare to achieve the mission.

The Erigere Rapidus Solutions K9 Division is ready for quick dispatch. Our highly competitive pricing can fit within the constraints of any venue’s budget.

For further details, or to discuss how our K9 Division may be the solution you need, complete the form below and our team will get in touch with you shortly.

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