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Erigere Rapidus Launches K9 Division to Provide Detection and Protection Services

CHERRY HILL, NJ (February 24 2022) – Erigere Rapidus Solutions, Inc. (ERS), the tri-state area’s preeminent professional security firm, has announced the launch of a K9 Division aimed at providing superior detection and protection services.

“In creating the ERS K9 Division, we are dedicated to using the breeds of dogs that are genetically predisposed to protect or to point, depending on the client’s needs,” said Robert Cormier, COO and Managing Director of ERS. “This gives our clients the peace of mind that ERS will always supply the optimal combination of services, tools, and technologies to keep their assets safe and secure.”

The detection dogs have completed rigorous training to perform specific tasks and detect distinct odors including explosives, firearms, living victims, human remains, microchips, bed bugs and more. The firm is dedicated to using the right breed of dog, with the proper training for each task including Dutch shepherds, Belgian Malinois, German shorthaired pointers, and Labrador retrievers, each possessing a unique skill set.

The ERS K9 division is led by Tim Falke, whose love and admiration for services dogs began during his 13-year military career as a member of the U.S. military’s highly selective Joint Special Operations Command. His military experience as a network-operations expert and Naval Special Warfare drone surveillance operator, combined with his bachelor’s degree in computer science, puts him in a unique position to lead one of the country’s most technologically advanced K9 divisions.

“The ERS K9 Division is analytics-driven, and we’re using state-of-the-art technology to detect, avoid, and eliminate modern threats,” said Falke. “We have a K9 with a camera mounted to its helmet, and a small drone attached to its vest. While they are in the field, we simultaneously deploy a command-and-control drone, allowing us to see the entire area from above. This keeps our handler and his dog safe as we guide them through an area. We’re coupling multiple drone and camera platforms to give us a better picture of the situation, so we can better prepare to proceed.”

K9s used for executive protective services and patrol can smell, see, and hear dangers long before their human handlers, extending the ability of security teams. These dogs are specially bred and trained to be stable, loyal, social, and well-behaved around those they are assigned to protect, including children and pets. When a threat is posed, ERS canines are trained to put their lives on the line to neutralize an attacker while protecting an individual.

Depending upon the assignment, ERS K9 teams can be highly visible to act as a deterrent, or covert to carry out their missions without detection.

K9 teams provide explosive and firearms detection for business and government facilities, stadiums and arenas, ports and cargo terminals, and even military bases and installations. Security demands for these venues have increased dramatically in the past decade and deploying K9 teams to screen parking lots, corridors, and concourses is the most effective means to prevent an incident without impeding access or mobility for personnel and attendees.

Beyond security services, the ERS K9 unit provides preventative and post-treatment canine bed bug inspections (including regularly scheduled sweeps) for hotels, municipal buildings, schools (K-12 and colleges), apartment complexes, hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, residences, and vehicles. Bed bugs are an invasive nuisance because they reproduce exponentially and can quickly travel from room to room, infesting an entire house, school, or workplace. ERS K9 teams can be deployed covertly to determine with certainty whether a facility is harboring bed bugs long before they pose a health threat.

About Erigere Rapidus Solutions, Inc. Erigere Rapidus Solutions, Inc. (ERS) provides professional security and investigative products to the private sector. ERS has recruited the most highly trained and decorated law enforcement officers, some of the brightest engineers, and the hardest-working, most dedicated team members we could find to keep our clients safe and their businesses going strong. In addition to providing executive protection and security driving specialists, investigations, K9 services, and security planning/risk assessments, ERS specializes in the security of the critical infrastructure, cash, personnel, and sensitive assets, and transportation of cash and assets related to the legal cannabis trade. ERS also offers active-shooter readiness and response training to the public, and safety training to security, loss-prevention, and law-enforcement personnel. Visit or call 1-800-501-1035 for more information.

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