The design and layout of your facility has a major impact on physical security. Our Physical Security Specialists will work hand in hand in the design and construction of your new facility or with any upgrades to your existing locations. We have designed an implement upgrades and modifications in privately owned, mixed use, government lease, recreational, or personally owned we offer a comprehensive service that includes: Comprehensive Threat Assessments, Security Planning, Policy and Procedure implementation, electronic system design and operational measures.

Our team of engineers will detail the specs, draft the construction documentation while sparing no detail all the way down to how to what types of hardware will be used.  We can design your security layout to ensure you comply with bid standards and we will have a project manager assigned from start to finish to ensure the design is implemented correctly. In addition, we warrantee our work, a 24/7 Crisis Management Team is available for any issues should they arise after the measures have been implemented.

  • ‚ÄčSecurity Planning

Our team has extensive experience designing security layouts and plans that meet Department of Defense, Department of State and the Department of Homeland Security specifications from the highest threat level to the very lowest. Our team will design, implement, oversee installation and upgrades, test and warranty our security product. Through use of architectural barriers, landscaping, lighting and CCTV cameras we can help secure your facility while reducing the human security footprint when possible. The end result is a more secure facility that drastically reduces your vulnerability to crime and potential breach. We will also ensure that you are complaint with any requirements of a Federal/State/Local contract as it relates to security.

  • Integrated Security Systems Design & Engineering

First our Physical Security and IT Security teams will assess your needs by conducting a comprehensive Physical Security Risk Assessment. We will work closely with your management team to gain a strong understanding of how your company operates, how you expect it to operate and how your facilities are designed. Then we will work with to design the right security system for your threat level and security related needs. Your Security System will not be an out of the box item, we will use the right amount of human capital, technology, and building/landscape design to implement the right plan at the right cost.

  • Security System Procurement and Implementation Assistance

Our Physical Security Specialists will be an active participant in  researching, adjusting and negotiating your new security system to meet the Physical Security Handbook that we designed together. We will be your partner through the entire process to make sure your system meets the technical and functional requirements that were established in your Policies and Procedures. We will act as Project Manager to ensure that your product is installed on time and within agreed upon budgets. We will suggest, evaluate and qualify bidders on your project, manage the day to day schedule of installation, and perform comprehensive live testing,

  • Designing a Physical Security Handbook, Writing Policy and Procedure, and conducting a Peer Review

ERS Physical Security experts will start by conducting a comprehensive Physical Security audit and risk assessment and teamed with our top Physical Security Engineers will design the right security system to meet your specific needs. We will work side by side with your management team to ensure that the new Physical Security Handbook meets all of your needs, is adaptable to change, and is complaint with rules and regulations. Our team will assist in securing the right contractor, supervise installation and upgrades, monitor change orders, and assist in testing all aspects of the system before we sign off as complete. Because we know that security is an ever-evolving animal we will reassess and reevaluate your system, plan, policies and procedures on a yearly basis and provided updates and feedback as necessary.

Security Design & Engineering