Our company has a national footprint in the security world and now we offer our professional and reliable physical security teams and products to your emerging business and will ensure that your critical infrastructure, cash, personnel are safe and secure at all times.


Our risk analysis team will conduct a comprehensive risk analysis, assist you with drafting policy and procedure and ensure that you comply with all local, state and federal requirements related to security and the transportation of your assets. We protect your assets by identifying risk, establishing a plan, implementing that plan, ensuring compliance to laws, and providing physical security and transportation services. We recruit our personnel and only hire the best and brightest, our management team are highly decorated former law enforcement and military from the special operations worlds and understand security like no other in this field.

  • Asset Transportation

ERS recruited one of the top Transportation Logistics Managers in the United States and paired him with an Elite Physical Security Specialist and asked them to build us Physical Asset Protection Division that will rival anyone in the industry and they delivered. Don't risk your business to a fly by night security firm, ERS will handle all aspects of Asset Transportation for your Cannabis business, all of our team members are recruited by our management team for their professionalism, discretion, operational security awareness, and vetted real world experience.

  • Investigative Services

Pre-Employment Background Checks, Due Diligence Investigations, Mergers, Acquisition Assistance, Loss Prevention Investigations, Insider Threat Investigations, We offer a full comprehensive list of investigative services. For more information see our Investigative Services page or email info@erigererapidus.com.

  • Compliance with Security Regulations

The Medical and Adult Use Markets are unique and very highly regulated. Our ERS Security Teams will ensure that our security products keep you in compliance with evolving regulations so that you can focus on running your business. We approach security proactively by addressing security risks as before they become security problems. Every Industry we serve is faced with unique security challenges, the legal cannabis industry is no different and we understand your unique challenges.

  • Physical Security Assessments and Design by Experts not by Computer Algorithm

Lets face it, if you can imagine it they probable have a computer program or an app you can download, but that doesn't always mean it is the best way. Does an app account for the 2:00pm cigarette break where the employee props the side door to avoid walking through the entire building...Leaving an access point open to potential breach? We will not try and assess your needs by a telephone sales call, we will come out to your location(s), our engineers will look at your physical building plans, our Physical Security Specialists will examine your current plan and system, and we will design the right Security Plan for your specific needs. Our teams will be onsite during implementation, installation, and will provide testing to ensure compliance with applicable regulation, safety for your employees and security for your assets.

Security and Continuity of Operations are important to any business but are vital to your industry. Cash proceeds/sensitive products are targets for the criminal element and disruption in business operations of any length can lead to large unrecoverable losses. ERS can help ensure that your assets are safe and that your business can remain operational when facing the toughest challenges.


Security Resources Designed for the Legalized Cannabis Trade