• Threat and Vulnerability Assessments​:

We look at your business from every angle to determine where you are at risk, whether it be human capital, the physical layout of your facilities or information security because of faulty technology we will identify and determine cost effective remedies to protect your assets without blowing the budget. Our team has over 80 collective years conducting Physical Security Assessments for the Federal Government and the US Military.

  • Security Audits

Many security plans and programs are designed effectively, but what good is effective design if they are not implemented correctly and efficiently. Our ERS team will uncover the weaknesses in your security plan by conducting a comprehensive audit and live testing the security plan at points of weakness. In today's environment when regulation requires tighter security in many fields we are the team that will ensure you are in compliance and that your assets are safe.

  • Security Training

Our in house mobile training team can prepare customized training courses on any of our services from Risk Management to Executive Protection, We have experts on information security, Active Shooter, Workplace Violence, Drugs in the Workplace, Physical Security Analysis, Executive Protection just to name a few. Every course will be customized to meet your specific needs and we can conduct the training on your site or host you at our training facility in the Poconos.

  • Physical Security Handbooks

Our team helped write the book on Physical Security from the technical specifications of the hinges for Strong Rooms and Vaults to the requirements for a contract guard force bid we have unmatched experience. A good security plan has to have strong policies and procedures that are easy to follow but that are also comprehensive. Your physical security handbook will be customize to meet every detail of your needs, we will ensure that your assets are secure while working with you to keep security within your prescribed budget. To start, our Physical Security Specialists, and our engineers will examine your business from all angles as well as your existing security measures, then we will get started on a detailed Physical Security Handbook that will we help implement and adapt.

  • Policy and Procedure Development

We will work closely with you to develop realistic Security Policies that are compliant with regulations and laws in the area in which you work. Your policies will define the security roles of your organization, expectations and roles of contract guard forces, will be coordinated with the local and state law enforcement agencies and will be designed to address the exact threats that your business faces while still being adaptable to the ever-evolving security challenges we face today. Whether it be cyber-security or Executive Protection, we have the expertise to write precise and relevant policy for your company.

  • Intellectual Property Security-Assessment and Development​

​When you start talking about risks associated with Intellectual Property you have to be ready to examine all aspects of the business to include: current employees, management structure, former employees, competitors, trusted customers, distributors, and vendors. An IP Security Assessment and Plan must encompass issues of operational security, cyber security, and management polices. Based on our assessment we will work with you to implement an IP Security Plan designed to your specific needs. This includes drafting Policy and Procedure, authoring an IP Security Handbook, and adapting the policies as issues are discovered during implementation. In addition, our client managers will be available 24/7 365 with a crisis management team should there be any breaches after implantation. We are in here to make sure we mitigate any damage from potential breach or spillage.

  • Workplace Violence

​The sad reality of the world today is Workplace Violence exists and we are here to help you prepare should you be faced with that situation. We offer several customizable options to our clients whether it be a school, church, civic group, or business. We offer online webinar training or on site presentations on the signals of internal threats and how to respond if faced with an Active shooter situation. In addition, we offer comprehensive services that include policy and procedure assistance, crisis planning, and implementing and overseeing a practice response plan activity. Our team has extensive training in Workplace Violence as first responders, tactical team members, hostage negotiators and Physical Security Specialists. We will help your organization meet any requirements related to Workplace Violence with this hands on approach.

  • Crisis Management Team

We have a 24/7 365 Crisis Management Team on call to answer your needs. In as little as a few minutes to just a few hours we can have the right personnel on site to help you manage your security crisis. In addition, we offer Crisis Management training to your staff, that after establishing your Crisis Management policy and training your people on their roles we will conduct several table top exercises to prepare your staff in the event of a real crisis. Our team will assess your Crisis Management response, the policies and procedures overall effectiveness, and will provide feedback. Our CM Team will be a phone call away to assist your newly trained team should an event occur.

​Security Services       

When we began to form ERS we made a commitment that we would recruit the best and brightest to represent our company. The result, we have a staff of veteran federal/state/local law enforcement investigators, members of some of the most elite special operations teams our nation has at their disposal, experts from the corporate field on finance, engineering, crisis management, operational security and information security.  We have also teamed with some of the brightest engineers in their respective fields: mechanical, electrical, chemical, bio-chemical, and telecommunications so that we could assemble the know-how that is the backbone of our ability to deliver timely, effective results.  Security risks are ever-evolving and we understand that we must adapt and not only be ready to react but to confront those new security risks before they can damage our clients.

We have the team that will fit your security needs, our management team is made up of former senior managers from the federal government, state/local government and the civilian world. We can put together an elite executive protection team for your personnel assets in unstable locations. We can penetrate the source of counterfeit goods and protect your products. In short, we have the right team to address any of your security needs.

 Experts that are available to you 24/7 365 days per week: never an operator/your client management team is there to help